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The SILCC data website

SImulating the Life-Cycle of molecular Clouds

With the SILCC collaboration, which is an international association of astrophysicists from different research institutes across Europe, we aim to numerically investigate the dynamical processes in the interstellar medium with a focus on the evolution of molecular clouds, from their formation, the subsequent formation of stars to their (partial) destruction by supernovae. For more general information on the collaboration and the details of the project see the project web page.

The SILCC project is split into several sets of simulations including different physical processes and different numerical realisations. So far only the first data set is publicly available. Future simulations will be made public together with the corresponding scientific publication.

The basic simulation setup including the basic analysis are described in the following two papers

We provide FLASH hdf5 data, which can be read using YT, h5py or QuickFlash and videos of the simulations.

The following document contains more information on the available data including a list of fields, the units of the data and further hints on what physics the data contains. SILCC-docu.pdf. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the data and more details about the simulations (

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